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New Photo, me skiing at Mont Tremblant, Quebec. What a beautiful place...:

I'm scanning in a few photos of what I've been up to here in Canada. Some are already here:

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Hang Glider launch ramp on Rougemont, Quebec. October 1996

Mountain biking

An Orchard

My first lesson on the ice rink outside my office building in Longueuil, February 1997

Learning to Ice Skate

Caroline's Dad showing us how to drive his skidoo


Me ambling round the car park on my first try

Me Snowmobiling

Cars in a Longueuil car park. March 1997

Under snow

Biking in the snow around Longueuil. April 1997

Dog sled tracks

Bob and Myself, on the steps outside the Goverment building


A park in Boston

My very first golf lesson

Learning to swing

Ian driving

Rafting on the Riviere Rouge in Quebec

White-water rafting

Football in the park

In Freefall

Under Canopy

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