I just thought I'd tell you a bit about myself. I'll add a photo or two when I get around to scanning them in.

I'm 25, and currently work as a Software Developer in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I don't speak much French yet, but this hasn't been too much of a problem, as nearly everyone is bilingual. I'm going to try to make a bit more of an effort in the future, and will hopefully be able to hold conversations with people in French before I leave.

I studied Computer Engineering at Manchester University where I spent most of my free time hiking and mountaineering, and this is my first job after graduating- I've been quite lucky really as I didn't have the money to go travelling round the world while I was a student. Don't ask me how to go about getting jobs abroad, as I got the interview completely by accident (it fell in a short space of time between having my wisdom teeth removed and sitting my final exams).

Canada's a great country, and since getting here in July '96 I've had the chance to try out loads of new things, as well as travelling around a bit in Quebec and the States. At the moment I'm pretty hooked on learning to skydive, even though I'm only a beginner. Click here to find out more, or here to see me fly.

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