me in flight

As part of the progressive freefall package that I bought, Daniel Paquette flew camera with me for one jump after graduating- my 5th solo on 31st May '97. As you can see, I'm enjoying myself.

YESSSSS!!!!!.... Round we go....
7500 feet, plenty of time.... Happy or what?

I was lucky to have a beautiful bright day for the photos (as well as a good cameraman who kept me in shot, no matter where I was flying), with scattered clouds to make them a bit more interesting (they're also fun to fall through). Thanks a lot to everyone at Nouvel Air- see you next week.

Here are a couple of photos of me landing my new (and first) canopy, a Sabre 150:

This photo (just about) shows me on my first jump. The camera was slightly too late, as I've just let go of the strut. Your first jump from a Cessna 182 requires you to climb out under the wing and dangle from the strut, before letting go and watching your 'chute open. Great fun:

other photos

Here's are a couple of shots taken in the air above Nouvel Air, one of Farnham the town we are next to (I'm quite used to seeing this view now- the DZ is just off the photo at the bottom), and one of a student flying a Sabre 190:

Here are photos of Doug and Gilles landing, they're difficult to get in the frame as they swoop in so fast:

A Cessna 182 taking off for the sunset load- my favourite time of day to jump...

end of the season

And finally, the season had to come to an end. Here are a few photos from the last hour of jumping (the only time I was still long enough to get my camera out) at sunset on Monday 13th October '97 (Canadian Thanksgiving). Maybe next year I'll be able to take a camera up high and get a few more interesting freefall shots. The landings look pretty nice though:

Michel (waving!), Rene, Guy

Canopy on final, Daniel, sunset...

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