The Beer Fridge - ready for action

This fridge was bought second-hand for $250 Canadian from a place on Laurier East,Montreal. The door has been reinforced and re-insulated, to allow 7/8" holes to be drilled through it for beer lines. All of the inside shelving and junk was Urban-recycled on the street outside, and instead a false floor was added to give a flat base above the compressor.

Dollar-store stainless steel sauce-cup-ramekin-things act as spacers through the door. The 3-way secondary regulator allows all 4 kegs to have independent pressures, with one keg being regulated by the primary regulator.

It'll hold 4 Corny kegs with the CO2 bottle on the inside; next step is to get the CO2 outside, taking capacity up to 6.

The tap handles are a little boring (Contact me if you've any you're looking to get rid of); even the Molson Ex one is Aaron's (it's keeping the space warm for the Stout Faucet that I'm going to buy when my finances have recovered from the shock). I also need to get some beer into the kegs (3 batches are on their way)...

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