End of my time as a Courier in Montreal
Rob McGirvan

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0007.jpg 0015.jpg 0016.jpg 0019.jpg 0020.jpg 0022.jpg
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0031.jpg 0032.jpg 0033.jpg 0034.jpg 0035.jpg 0036.jpg
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0037.jpg 0038.jpg 0039.jpg 0041.jpg 0042.jpg 0043.jpg
Rob (our guide) andré andré again back of p.j.c. cegep du mont royal (in) cegep du mont royal (out)
Rob (our guide).jpg andré.jpg andré again.jpg back of p.j.c..jpg cegep du mont royal (in).jpg cegep du mont royal (out).jpg
frank - royal bank mail frit dorées happy secretary italian joe louie louie with pouch
frank - royal bank mail.jpg frit dorées.jpg happy secretary.jpg italian joe.jpg louie.jpg louie with pouch.jpg
louie's duct tape bag p.j.c. 2 place jacques cartier reggie rob's bike against wall rob's bike in fall
louie's duct tape bag.jpg p.j.c. 2.jpg place jacques cartier.jpg reggie.jpg rob's bike against wall.jpg rob's bike in fall.jpg
royal bank mail girls simcor simcor mail boys simcor picture square vic. statue in the village
royal bank mail girls.jpg simcor.jpg simcor mail boys.jpg simcor picture.jpg square vic..jpg statue in the village.jpg
university from place ville marie view from Amherst & Rene L.        
university from place ville marie.jpg view from Amherst & Rene L..jpg

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